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9/21/21, 9:03 AM Gorham Notes: Sept. 16 – Portland Press Herald
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Gorham paving firm pays respects

A Lewiston Public Works official praised a Gorham construction company that halted its
work in Lewiston to show respect for a funeral possession.

Lewiston city paving inspector Justin Bisson told the American Journal that employees
from Glidden Excavating and Paving Company were performing some preliminary street
construction work on Walnut Street on Sept. 10 when “We looked down the road and we
saw the funeral possession coming.”

“We didn’t have a clue” who it was, Bisson said.

Bisson said Glidden Project Manager Troy Morse stopped the work and lined up his crew
to show respect for the deceased as the procession passed by. Bisson said they stood with
hard hats under their arms.

“I got to stand with those guys,” Bisson said with pride.