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Glidden Excavating & Paving, Inc.

Glidden is an employee owned Construction and Paving business located in Gorham, Maine. Founded in 1986, Glidden Excavating & Paving, Inc has become a leader in the construction and paving industry in Southern and Central Maine. Glidden Excavating & Paving specializes in Municipal, MaineDOT, and commercial paving and construction projects, as well as commercial snow plowing and removal.

Why choose us?

Our experience and professionalism are the key reasons Glidden Excavating & Paving continues to partner with the same customers. The industry does not have a shortage of construction and paving companies trying to get jobs, but the quality of or work, and competitive pricing are what sells us best.

Our primary goal and philosophy is “ Get it done right the first time.” We take the proper steps to ensure the highest level of quality on your project. From bidding, through the completion of your project, you can be assured of personal attention and an open line of communication.

With multiple construction and asphalt paving crews, we have the experienced and knowledgeable staff to service your project needs efficiently and cost-effectively.

How We started?

In 1986, Earle Glidden Jr. started the company right of high school, with a pick-up truck, a loader backhoe, one dump truck, and five employees. The company’s focus at that time was residential foundations, driveways, snow plowing, and small paving repairs.

Thru the late 90’s and early 2000’s, the company continued to add field employees, estimators, a construction manager, and several additional pieces of construction and paving equipment. Growth continued in the commercial and municipal construction side of the business including water, sewer, and drain installation, as well as full time residential and small commercial paving.


Glidden Paving services include:

  • Commercial Parking lots
  • Private roadways and subdivisions
  • Municipal Street paving and resurfacing

Glidden Construction / Excavating services include:

  • Sewer and Drain repair and Installation
  • Water line repair and installation
  • Curb installation

Glidden Snow Removal services include:

  • Commercial Parking Lots
  • Parking Garages
  • Roadways